About Us

The Jaswant Sawhney Trust Fund was founded on July 19th, 2004 to help raise funds for the All India Pingalwara Charitable Society. It is legally set up as a 501(c)(3) public charity and provides a tax exemption receipt for any money donated to Pingalwara.

About Pingalwara

Pingalwara is a charitable home for the mentally challenged, aged, incurably sick and destitute. All India Pingalwara Charitable Society is registered under the Act 1960, Reg No130. Dr Inderjit Kaur is the President of the society as per the will left behind by Bhagat Puran Singh Ji. To read more, please visit PingalwaraOnline.org


Donations made in the United States should be sent to:

Jatinder Kaur Dusaj
7713 Tobruk Ct.
Hanover, MD 21076

We accept checks and money orders. Please make donations payable to Jaswant Sawhney Trust Fund

Please provide your full address to receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

Contact Us

You can contact us at:

Jatinder Kaur Dusaj
7713 Tobruk Ct.
Hanover, MD 21076
Email: kaurg2004@yahoo.com

Our other trustees are:

  • Daljit S. Sawhney
  • Jasvinder S. Chawla
  • Gurpreet K. Khera
  • Rekha Patel

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we donate clothes and other articles for Pingalwara?
    We humbly request that you send these articles directly to Pingalwara at your own expense. Please obtain information directly from their website at PingalwaraOnline.org.
  • How do I know my donation has been received by Pingalwara?
    You will receive a a tax-deductible receipt from Jaswant Sawhney Trust Fund. In addition, Pingalwara will also send you a receipt of your donation. In total, you will get 2 receipts confirming your donation for Pingalwara. Please use the receipt from Jaswant Sawhney Trust Fund for tax deductions in the United States.
  • Is Pingalwara at Patiala an authorized branch of All India Pingalwara Charitable Society?
    No. The Pingalwara at Patiala is not an authorized branch and is a separate entity not related to All India Pingalwara Charitable Society.
  • Is Pingalwara a trustworthy organization to donate to?
    Bhagat Puran Singh founded this organization and dedicated his whole life to serving the needy. His successor, Dr. Inderjit Kaur, is also committed to serve her whole life for his cause. With all your help, Pingalwara is progressing day by day. We encourage you to visit the Pingalwara center in any of the following branches in India. Amritsar, Manawala, Chandigarh, Goindwal, Sangrur, and Jalandhar.
  • When can we call you for more information?
    Please call after 6:30pm EST, or during weekends. Please leave a message on the answering machine and we will call you back.
  • How can we volunteer to help Pingalwara?
    A great way to help is to spread the knowledge about All India Pingalwara organization, which serves the needy across cultures and religions. You can educate inside and outside your community, including non-Sikh communities, and encourage them to donate.
  • When should I send my donation?
    We appreciate that you remember the needy people in All India Pingalwara during birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions. Any time is a great time to send your donation.
  • Can I send credit or debit card donation?
    Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accepts these type of donations. We will update this site when we will start accepting credit or debit donation. You can send your donations by check or money orders.
  • Can I collect money on behalf of Jaswant Sawhney Trust Fund?
    Only the trustees above are authorized by the IRS United States Government Agency to collect funds and sign receipts.

    You are free to collect donations from your communities and submit them to the Jaswant Sawhney Trust Fund. Every individual that has provided their address will receive a receipt. In addition, all copies of the receipts can also be provided to the person collecting the donations.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at kaurg2004@yahoo.com.

Recent Donations

Note:Jaswant Sawhney Trust Fund does not accept clothing or any other articles for Pingalwara. We accept only cash, check or money order.